7 ways to motivate yourself to workout in the morning (even when you don’t feel like it)

What do you do when you have no motivation to get moving in the morning? You really really want to exercise in the morning, but you just feel so tired. Working out feels like a chore to you and you find yourself dragging your feet to the door. You want to do it really bad, but you just lack motivation to do so.

But, how do you actually do it without just talking about it? For some reasons, it feels like it comes easy to other people, just not you. You feel as though you are the only one who can’t make this work. But you are not alone.

It is a completely normal feeling to not feel the motivation to workout, especially in the morning. Let me get you in on a little secret, it never gets easier, even for the pros. You think you are the only one dealing with this, but I promise you, even I don’t feel like moving on some days. But how did I motivate myself to workout every day at 8am in the morning even when I would rather be sleeping? 

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1. Visualize yourself doing it

Much of what you need to accomplish needs to start in your brain. You need to see yourself doing it. Heck, even dream about it if you can. Imagine your future self, strong, fierce, bold as you lift those weights and hold those planks tightly. Imagination is half of the work. Once your mind sees it, you start believing it.

Put a time on it

Don’t just say, I’ll do it in the morning. Put a time on it and treat it as an appointment. Waking up in the morning is already a battle, might as well make things a little easy on you by giving yourself a deadline. Chances are if you leave something up in the air, you will less likely do it because your mind will try to avoid it. Say you want to do it at 9am, put an alarm to wake up a little earlier so that you can get ready for it. The likeliness that you will 

Writing the place down. 

Where will you be at 9 am on Monday? Start registering that into your mind and don’t think too hard about it. When you doubt yourself if you can make it, you won’t be able to make this a reality. Write it down and start saying “I will do a leg workout at 9am in my garage.”

Add details to this if you want. Whether it’s infront of a TV or your phone where you’re following along or you have a paper with your workout sets next to you and a mat. When you tell your brain these steps, it will be much easier for to convince yourself to workout.

2. Put your gym clothes next to you or on you

Somedays I would even go to sleep in leggings and if that’s what you need to do to workout in the morning, then do it. The leggings might be uncomfortable, but if a little discomfort will get you out of your comfort zone and make you accomplish your goal, go for it. By doing this, you are making it easier on yourself to follow through your plan. 

I read Atomic Habits and it explains how changing your environment to adjust your habits are a crucial step in building healthier habits. It becomes easy to grab those leggings and put them on because it’s right in front of you. Might as well do it right?

 This is one of the biggest motivators that helped me when I started shifting my workout to the morning. 

3. Play songs that hype you up

Music is so powerful. Listening to music that bring you good vibes and set you in a good mood especially in the morning can change your whole day for the better. Research shows that music makes you happier and boost your exercise performance. There is a reason why almost everyone has those little ear pieces when they workout.

The more hype it is, the more you start to even move by yourself. You can feel your bones jumping up and down.

4. Have a list of your favorite quotes close by

Let’s face it. Sometimes our own pep talk isn’t enough, sometimes we need the voice of someone else to get moving, someone who has been there and can relate. Having inspirations right next to you so that your eyes can’t miss it will make a huge impact on your life. 

The more you see it, the more you start to believe it. Find a few quotes that resonates with you and put it on a vision board or on your wall (as long as you don’t mess up the paint). Get a journal with your favorite quotes daily that you can read and feel empowered by.

This will push you to workout even if you don’t feel like it. Treat it as a dose of spice when your food gets bland.

5. Prepare the workout in advance

Did I tell you how many times I use to skip my workouts because I didn’t know what to do? I would spend my time running around at the gym waiting for the next person to finish with the machine while I stood there awkwardly.

I would spend 20 minutes scrolling down on Instagram feed to find a workout set. Anyone? Searching workouts on YouTube. Even worse, I didn’t know what workout to do. It was a disaster. 

This is why I made a 7-Day Get Active challenge for you to get to the point. Know what you are doing and roll with the punches as you do it. Bam! Already laid out for you. All you need is to show up. Having a clear layout of what you want to do will make it easier to get to your exercise and accomplish it like a champion.

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    6. Imagine how much stronger you will feel after it

    Remember when I said visualize? A big part of motivation is visualizing the results. Motivation isn’t forcing yourself to workout. Motivation a step to help boost your chances of doing something even when you don’t want to do it because you know that the end results will be so worth it. Motivation helps you push yourself to do something even if you don’t feel like it. 

    When you think about how amazing you will feel as a result of your hard work, it’s like a domino effect. You will want to do it over and over again. Just think of the end results and your body will start wanting to execute your plan of working out.

    7. Reward yourself 

    I don’t mean get ice cream right after (that defeats the purpose of your workout if your goal is to be healthy). Rather, do something for yourself you wouldn’t normally do. When you associate good behavior with a reward system, your get motivated to do better.

    Think of when someone says that they like the shirt you are wearing, you are more likely to wear it often even if it’s not your favorite shirt. It’s the same for working out. Even if you feel lazy to get up in the morning to do it, the reward will push you to do it.

    Sometimes, I give myself $1 when I’m proud of my work out in the morning. It gets me excited every time without feeling like I’m forcing myself to workout. I accumulate money so that I can buy gym clothes with it at the end of the month or go out and visit a new place a D.C. It’s more fun! It doesn’t have to cost money, you can find cheap or free ways to reward yourself.

    Find a reward system that works for you and you will find yourself being on you’re A game every time.

    And, celebrate yourself. Pat yourself on the back and appreciate all the efforts that you put it because it even though get motivation, you are the one who puts it into action.

    So, key takeaways:

    1. Visualize yourself doing it

    2. Put your gym clothes next to you or on you

    3. Play songs that hype you up

    4. Have a list of your favorite quotes close by

    5. Prepare the workout in advance

    6. Imagine how much stronger you will feel after it

    7. Reward yourself 

    Be proud of yourself for wanting to make exercise a priority in your life. This is a huge step and these tips will help you exercise right when you wake up. Don’t be too hard on yourself if all of this doesn’t happen at once. Somedays you’ll just run dry and that’s ok. We’re humans not machines, but know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

    How will you motivate yourself to workout in the morning? Comment below!

    Comments (2)

    • Christine James

      December 9, 2020 at 1:55 am

      I love the format of the post! The biggest take away I would like to implement is prepare the workout in advance. I have not applied that, and I believe that would be a game changer!

      1. Wanteu

        December 9, 2020 at 3:39 pm

        Hi Christine,

        I’m so glad you took away something from this post. Yes, planning is invaluable and I hope that it helps you in your fitness journey!

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