10 Ways to Stay Healthy in College When You’re Stuck Inside

Staying healthy in college is a constant battle we have to fight. It’s so easy to just get the free pizza at an event on campus for dinner or grab that ramen noodle off of the counter. Living a healthier lifestyle does not have to lead to a drastic sudden change.

You just have to make small efforts everyday that will help you stay healthy in college. In this post, you will you learn easy habits that you can implement in your daily routine to stay healthy despite the being busy.

Before we dive in, we need to acknowledge that times have changed. Our normal routine has shifted. We are more likely to slack on our health and experience frustration as we stay home more often. Fear not friend, I am right there with you. Living a healthier lifestyle does require small sacrifices but I know that you can do it. That is why you are here.

I get the temptation of checking out the fridge next to us every 5 minutes. The convenience of ordering food out is just one click away. Being stuck to our computer 24/7 trying to finish the next assignment so much so that moving around seems like a daunting task.

The truth is you can’t excel in class if you don’t take care of your body. You need a healthy body and a healthy mind in order to reach your full potential. Here are 8 ways you can be healthier in college, both physically and mentally.

1. Move your body

Morning exercise sets your mood for the whole day. It is your first accomplishment aside from waking up. This feeling of accomplishment will carry throughout your day and will boost your confidence to accomplish more of task throughout the day. It’s like a roller effect.

Working out places you in a mindset of growth. It sucks at the moment, but afterwards you feel like you own the world. You feel more confident and put together. I always just feel happier and confident throughout my day after working out.

Envision yourself walking out of the gym looking like you just got an A+ in self confidence– that’s how you feel when you get through your workout. Get to it.

2. Drink more water

Sometimes we confuse our need for water with our need for food. Because our body is yearning for something to be placed in our stomach, so we quickly assume it has to be food.

Before you grab a snack, ask yourself if water is really what you need. Your body needs water to survive so it is important to make it a priority throughout your day to keep your bodies energized and well hydrated.

3. Eat a balanced meal 

Ever heard of “you are 90% of what you eat?” Well that is true. Before I started taking my nutrition seriously, I had never thought about what I was putting on my plate. I barely had any veggies, no wonder why I never felt full after most of my meals. I didn’t pay attention to what I was eating, nor what my body needed in order to be fully satieted.

pancakes, turkey sausage, slices of apple and yogurt

Not only will having a balanced meal keep you energized, you will feel satiated and fueled throughout your day. You won’t need to snack so much and thus will make tip #4 much easier for you.

4. Avoid mindless eating

We eat at our desk because we think it is productive while in reality you are not even aware of what you are putting in your body. Mindless eating makes you eat more than you need to. This is because your senses aren’t paying attention to what you are putting in your body. Therefore you feel like grabbing more food after you’re done.

Sit down, let your body process the delicious food your eating. There’s always time to finish that classwork after you’re done eating.

5. Call a friend

Sometimes we don’t get the full benefits of getting to know someone via text. There is no real excitement in it. On the other hand, talking to people heightens your mood.

Calling a friend or family member you get along with very well is very refreshing. Or maybe it’s someone you’re getting to know! You could even Zoom or FaceTime them, whatever works for you.

Catching up in the middle of your day or during down time will bring a smile on your face, I promise. Remember it’s all about the mind and how you stay healthy by being mindful. 

6. Get enough sleep 

All nighters is not the solution. I know you want to finish your class assignment that’s due at 11:59 p.m. You have to study for that test tomorrow, and you still don’t feel ready. So, you revise for the “nth” time nervously because you’re scared to not meet the grade you expect. 

Get this: You body needs rest. Point. Blank. Period. No amount of caffeine can ever replace your restful sleep. Put your mind at rest so that it can help you perform even better the next day.

7. Limit your phone usage

Checking our phones has become second nature. We crave the need of staying on top of everyone’s social status that we forget to check our own inner status. Although I love Instagram myself, I tend to feel more tense whenever I’m keeping up with the Joneses every hour of the day.

Staying healthy is a choice we make. Although keeping up with the rest of the world might bring you satisfaction, that satisfaction is only temporary. Before you know it, you’ve spent 2 hours of your precious day scrolling on to social media and generally nothing good comes out of it

It’s time to get up and unplug. Take care of yourself inwards, make it a priority by following my last tip.

8. Go for a walk

… around campus or your neighborhood if you live at home. We all get tired of Zoom and viewing our screens all day, but do you know what view you’ll never tired of? Nature. Simple as that.

Schedule a time during your day to take a walk. Before you know it, the sun will be setting down and you’ll be asking what you did with your day. Being outside brings freshness to the eyes, watching other people walk by gives us a feeling that weren’t alone in this world. It shows you in the littlest way that there is so much more outside of your four walls.

Even if you have walked on campus a thousand time, make it a goal to take a route you’ve never taken before and just… breathe the fresh air. Not only will this put you in a healthier mindset, but it will relieve some stress you’re still holding not to. And also, you’ll be more focused throughout the rest of your day.


You made it through! I know this might seem like a lot, but take it slow. Living a healthier lifestyle is a journey. College is rough, the least we can do is take care of our body and our mind so that we may be able to achieve our best work whether in class or outside of class. Some days you won’t want to do it, but remind yourself that you’re doing this for yourself. You are more than a grade. You are more than just class work or your position in a student organization. Remember, you are you first before all those things.

Comments (2)

  • Genesis

    December 9, 2020 at 3:42 pm

    Yes, I relate so much to the mindless eating. I need to take better care of my body. Thank you for your advice.

    1. Wanteu

      December 9, 2020 at 3:44 pm

      Hi Genesis,

      Thank you for reading! And yes, taking care of our body goes a long in feeling better and happier overall.

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