About me

Hello there! My name is Kellina (kel-lee-na) Wanteu (sounds like “1-2”). I’m a twenty-something college senior at the University of Maryland. I am currently studying Broadcast journalism and I love it! I was born in Cameroon and yes, I am from the French speaking part. I speak French and English fluently and I am currently learning Spanish as my third language.

I am Christian, a follower of Christ. Ever since I gave my life fully to Christ, I have seen my life change in so many ways I hadn’t even thought possible. I went from an anxious, selfish, self-righteous person with a low self-esteem to a confident, loving, and caring person.

I was revived and born again through faith of His unconditional love. My hope is that everyone can experience the love of Christ at some point and for the rest of their life. Even if you are not sure where you stand in your faith, I hope you tag along to see how God changed mine through my fitness journey and my life!

So down to my why…

I’ve always been athletic growing up and being active is something I did for fun, until… I started to give myself to the social media world. There was constant advertisement of products I need to try to be healthy, girls with perfect bodies that I wanted to attain. I trained to be skinny, not to be healthy. I would despise my body every time I looked in the mirror because I didn’t have a tigh gap and a flat stomach.

It felt like nothing I did was right. I was constantly boggled down with ideas from the media that I felt lost in myself. Long story short? I was miserable. I thought being skinny like other girls would bring me happiness, but it only brought me misery the more I picked on my body.

… Until one day I got sick and tired of it. I thought, what if I started listening to my own body and what it needs? After so many attempts and failures, I decided to stop focusing on my body so much. I started focusing on developing my mind and cultivating healthy habits in my life. I started building my confidence from within by building my relationship with Christ, as crazy as that sounds and everything fell into place. I no longer had the weight on judgement on myself. As soon as I did that… everything just clicked.

I know what it feels like to feel like you’re not good enough, to feel like you need to attain a certain body type to be loved, to feel like the world is somehow against you and everything you do. But you don’t have to go through that. You don’t have to let society standards define you. This is why I created Legit Kellina. A place for you to be the most authentic you. You are legit. You are the real deal. You are here, breathing and reading this for a reason and I hope that you stick around and sign up to receive my weekly newsletter right into your inbox for motivation and purpose.

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Fun facts, just for fun!

Fun fact #1

Whenever I’m not writing, you can find me hiking or venturing new places or just hanging out with my siblings and cracking jokes. 

Hiking at Great Falls trail

Fun fact #2

One thing that most people don’t know is that I was a mascot! I attended Penn State (Abington campus) before transferring to Maryland and I was the mascot for multiple of their events, including a basketball game.

This is me under the costume

It was load of fun– but always very sweaty in the big costume.

Fun fact #3

I have attended the EMMYS regional awards for journalist 2 years in the row. It’s a blast and so inspiring to see journalists get awarded for the hard work that they do everyday.

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